At the intersection of media and technology, Vinous is Antonio Galloni’s vision of a modern-day wine publication. Vinous’s team of renowned critics and writers offers in depth coverage of new releases, retrospectives and verticals of older wines, videos with winemakers, interactive maps, restaurant recommendations and more, all published in a continual, daily stream of articles. With the acquisition of Stephen Tanzer’s International Wine Cellar in December 2014 and the addition of the IWC editorial team, Vinous expanded coverage to all major wine regions. Today Vinous has subscribers in over 100 countries and is one of the most respected wine publications in the world.

葡萄酒 葡萄酒年份 评分
卡亚蒂202291/100 - 2023 Details
高力诺202290/100 - 2023 Details
坎伯莱201990/100 - 2023 Details
坤多201891/100 - 2023 Details
穆来拉201893/100 - 2023 Details
特里弗留201888/100 - 2023 Details
特雷布兰诺201794/100 - 2023 Details
坎伯莱201789/100 - 2020 Details
特雷布兰诺201390/100 - 2020 Details
特雷布兰诺201094/100 - 2013 Details
特雷布兰诺200991/100 - 2011 Details
特雷布兰诺200787/100 - 2010 Details
特雷布兰诺200592/100 - 2009 Details