Forbes: Appreciating The Wines Of Campania

Forbes Appreciating The Wines Of Campania

Caserta, in northwestern Campania has vineyard planted near the sea, as well as inland. Principal varieties here include whites such Falanghina (one of the few varietals planted in each of the five provinces of the region) and Palagrello Bianco. Styles vary with Falanghina in Caserta, ranging from powerful (as with Falerno del Massimo, produced near the sea) to more delicate and aromatic (most of the inland versions). Falanghina is a high-acid variety, with appealing aromas of lemon zest, pear and apple; most versions are steel-aged and are delightful to consume upon release.

Palagrello Bianco, generally aged in steel, offers more tropical fruit flavors, along with notes of melon and yellow flowers; there are some examples aged in wood that display greater texture and can age for more than a decade.

Principal red varieties in Caserta include Aglianico, the most powerful red variety, with rich tannins that give the wines excellent aging potential, and Palagrello Nero; the wines here are deeply colored and offer flavors of plum and black cherry.

Another important red variety in Caserta is Casavecchia (”old house”) which has black cherry and dark chocolate notes; wines made from Casavecchia are bold and complex, and can age extremely well.

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