"In 2011, I established "Wine & Spirits Culture Association", which is I long-sought goal for the purpose of contributing to the increase in the consumption of wine and spirits and also to the further development / promotion of the relevant industry.
As one of our activities, I are promoting Japan’s first accreditation service of “Official Wine Instructor” on a nationwide scale. At the same time, these instructors are working to introduce the culture of wine and spirits in cities across Japan.

And at 2014, I started the first international wine competition judged by Japanese women who work in wine industry as sommelier, wine shops, wine importers and wine journalists.

I consider it one of our important missions to contribute to the vitalization of winery industry through passing on the impressiveness / the right information of wine to as many people as I can.
Further, I expect to widen the demography for wine and spirits by establishing / managing the relevant various organizations. Through these activities, I would like to make a further contribution to the formation of sounder drinking environment."

Mrs. Yumi Tanabe, President

Wine Vintage Score
Caulino2018Silver - 2022 Details
Silver - 2020 Details
Settimo2017Silver - 2022 Details
Gold - 2020 Details