Wine Spectator

Wine Spectator editors review more than 15,000 wines each year in blind tastings. Every issue of Wine Spectator magazine contains 400 to 1,000 wine reviews with detailed tasting notes and drink recommendations. They set stringent standards for themselves and rely on the proven ability and experience of their editors as tasters and critics.

The foundation of any wine critic's success is the trust he or she builds with readers. That trust, in turn, rests on readers' evaluations of two key qualities: expertise and integrity.

Expertise is built through tasting, interviews with winemakers, visits to wine regions and accumulated knowledge about viticulture, winemaking, sensory evaluation, history and culture in general. Wine Spectator's senior editors together count nearly 250 years of experience with the magazine.

Integrity is established when readers believe a critic is fair, impartial and independent. Wine Spectator has adopted specific policies in order to maintain credibility with readers.

Wine Spectator
Wine Vintage Score
Caulino201787/100 - 2019 Details
Caiatì201588/100 - 2017 Details
Caulino201585/100 - 2016 Details
Caulino201484/100 - 2015 Details
Campole201388/100 - 2016 Details
Caulino201387/100 - 2014 Details
Caiatì201286/100 - 2014 Details
Trebulanum201188/100 - 2017 Details
85/100 - 2015 Details
Campole201185/100 - 2014 Details
Caiatì201186/100 - 2012 Details
Caulino201185/100 - 2012 Details
Settimo201084/100 - 2014 Details
Campole200488/100 - 2006 Details
Caiatì200481/100 - 2006 Details
Caulino200487/100 - 2006 Details
Trebulanum200387/100 - 2006 Details