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Founded in 1988 as a natural extension of the commerce business, Wine Enthusiast Media has evolved from a monthly print magazine into an acclaimed, multifaceted media brand offering of-the-moment content in the print and digital publishing space. With a combined readership of over 4.1 million, it is the most influential voice in wine and drinks journalism today, offering perspectives, stories and insights found nowhere else in the wine and drinks media realm. Tapping our global network of editors, writers and tasters for an accessible but expert view on the world of wine and beyond, it is the comprehensive source for curious readers with an affinity for drinks culture, global travel, modern food and dining and approachable wine education.

Wine Enthusiast Media’s fast-growing and varied consumer and trade touchpoints include 10 annual glossy magazine editions, a thriving website (, a popular biweekly podcast, a wine review buying guide featuring over 25,000 exclusive tasting notes a year, and a robust virtual and in-person event series.

With wine consumption in the U.S. at an all-time high, more people than ever are turning to the Wine Enthusiast when they want to shop quality accessories, custom wine racking, wine storage products, information, wine tours, wine events—in short . . . everything wine.

Wine Enthusiast
葡萄酒 葡萄酒年份 评分
高力诺201786/100 - 2019 Details
卡亚蒂201687/100 - 2019 Details
高力诺201687/100 - 2018 Details
坎伯莱201588/100 - 2019 Details
卡亚蒂201588/100 - 2018 Details
卡亚蒂201287/100 - 2014 Details
特雷布兰诺201189/100 - 2014 Details
坤多201190/100 - 2014 Details
卡亚蒂200987/100 - 2011 Details
坤多200888/100 - 2011 Details
特雷布兰诺200788/100 - 2011 Details
坎伯莱200787/100 - 2009 Details
赛提莫200789/100 - 2011 Details
卡亚蒂200785/100 - 2008 Details
高力诺200783/100 - 2008 Details
特雷布兰诺200685/100 - 2009 Details
坤多200688/100 - 2009 Details