The new warehouse

veduta-da-nordThe new warehouse (Opificio) is located in different area than the farmhouse, where a lot of artificial work has been done to build it. It develops in a longitudinal direction (accentuated by the deep channelling of the walls) and its height coincides with the vineyards.

The plaster of the basement is a dark earthy colour while the colour of the upper floor – where offices and laboratories are located, is illuminated both by long, narrow windows and small square openings – is light yellow.

From the North side of the warehouse one can see the strong projection of the lower part of the warehouse, specifically built to protect the pick up and drop off areas from inclement weather.

The exterior area of the building and the porch are paved with anthracite stone from Mount Vesuvius.

As a contrast, the soil is left to its natural terrain and follows the layers of a cemented wall that protects the unpaved road that connects the warehouse to the underground barrel room.