The vineyards that surround the estate were originally a small half hectare of lad with only nine rows planted; today, those vineyards, together with the new additions of plants are grown with passion by Michele Alois who takes care of them daily.

Located on a plateau naturally surrounded by an amphitheatre of hills, not far from the inactive volcano of Roccamonfina and from Massive of Matese, the vineyards enjoy the positive influence of the weather thanks to the elevated thermal inversion and to the ventilation, optimal elements during the maturation of the grapes.

The Morrone della Monica vineyard is cultivated on a clay and calcareous soil with a good presence of fine skeleton; the Audelino vineyard is planted instead on a volcanic soil with a fairly good presence of minerals.

The rearing of plants is done with a low espalier utilizing Guyot pruning with a density of 5200 plants per hectare.

The goal of the Alois family is to obtain national and international success with autochthonous grape variety of their Campania region, utilizing genuine biologic techniques to obtain quality wines from the antique Casavecchia and Pallagrello Bianco grapes, rediscovered by the Bourbon family, and the traditional Aglianico and Falanghina grapes.