The name Pallagrello derives from “‘u pallarell,” Casertan dialect for “small ball,” a reference to the grape’s tiny, round shape.

It was highly prized by Ferdinand the Fourth of Bourbon, who reserved a place for it in his Ventaglio Vineyard, preferring it to the wines of Vesuvius.  It became the King’s wine.

The Pallagrello white wine, fermented in stainless steel, is a brilliant straw color.  On the nose, it puts forth aromas of fresh fruit, predominantly apple, pear, pineapple, and melon.  On the palate, it is balanced with good aromatic length and a long finish of dry apricot.

The Pallagrello grape cluster is easily recognizable by its tiny and compact shape, with spherical grapes, and by the characteristic small black dot at the end of each grape.