The Man

At the foothills of the Caiatini Moutains in the province of Caserta, in a plateau comprised of nine beautiful hectares, Michele Alois made his dream come true: the vineyard, the cellar and a rural home with Bourbon origins dates from the early eighteen hundreds.

Tall and sturdy, with a face which seems moulded by the earth, Michele is a lover of fresh air and the countryside. It was during his hours of meditation in the family home of Pontelatone, absorbed by old memories and friendly bet, that he planted his first precious vine of the autochthonous Casavecchia grape variety.

The bet coincides with his pride for the land where he was born. As Michele Alois has said.

… “I had the pleasure of this nature, I got it from my father who divided the day between the silk factory and the vineyard” …

… “The vineyard for me is love, in sixty-plus years I have been back in the game: to make a good wine takes good grapes, and grapes to make a good one should not lose an eye: so I never miss though I have excellent employees.”