The farm house (Masseria) was built by recovering parts of its original porch, utilizing two old tufa walls and two vaulted rooms on the main floor that belonged to the pre existing rural home.

The preserved parts of the house were entirely restored and professionally treated to conserve the original stones.

The contrast between the two buildings is evident, partly due to the decision not to build a single structure that included all functions and partly due to the desire of preserving, even partially, the original architecture of the area.

The two vaulted rooms on the main floor have a fine potsherd and mortar plaster and burnt clay pavements.

On the first floor, accessible by an exterior stone staircase (original stones of Trani), there are four guest rooms located next to each other on the terraces and protected by the wood beams of the roof.

All the connected areas between the eaves and the perimeter walls are made of transparent glass to emphasize the suspension between the two parts. The porch extends under the covered passage to mark the longitudinal development of the building and arrives at a front yard made of white calcareous stones.