The Falanghina grape was discovered about two centuries ago, in 1825 and it is a variety that belongs exclusively to the Campania region. The name derives from the Latin word “phalangea” meaning “pole or stick”.

Falanghina generally presents the following characteristics: yellow straw colour more or less intense with greenish reflexes; delicate nose with fruity notes, dry taste, fresh and smooth.

It pairs perfectly with typical seafood cuisine of the area: mussels and crustacean, rice or pasta with a seafood sauce, steamed calamari, grilled of fried fish, and why not, with buffalo mozzarella!

The Falanghina is a very versatile wine and can be paired with all types of seafood, vegetarian dishes white meat and cheese.

Unlike other white wines it can be served with various types of cuisines, from raw fish to mushroom soup.

Its acidic note allows a good evolution in time.

It is pleasant to the nose, floral, with an intense taste, fresh and persistent.

Luciano Pignataro